What Is an Intercooler?

An intercooler, otherwise known as an induction system, is a type of cooling device that is used to increase the efficiency of a vehicle’s engine by increasing its air cooler pressure. An intercoolers can reduce engine temperatures as well as boost the horsepower output of a vehicle. This type of cooling device is made up of two main components: the compressor and the intercooler. These two parts are normally made up of an intercooler plate and a coil. These two components are put together inside a cylinder that is usually located behind the engine and below the intake manifold of the car.

How do Intercoolers work?

Intercooled gas is cooled by the high pressure of air that is released when the compressor starts working. As a result, the internal pressure in the intercooler gas increases, and this in turn increases the temperature of the gas. Intercooled gas then passes over a refrigerant in order to absorb all the extra heat from the surrounding air.

This heating effect reduces the density and therefore the temperature of the gas inside the intercooler plate. The temperature that is removed is then released back into the engine by the exhaust pipes.

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