The Future of Your Company Depends Upon the Success of Your Contracts With Clients

This morning the news broke that Craig Garnett has left the consultancy firm he is involved with, Sydney Rigging. The news is extremely positive for all involved, especially Bruce Clark who has been appointed CEO and chairman, and Peter Gardner who has been made CEO, and Managing Director. Craig started his association with the firm when he was 24 years of age and spent many years learning the rigging business. He has remained a consultant to the current day firm and is now looking forward to building on the excellent track record the company has established in the past. Craig is also looking forward to adding to his wealth and to enjoying the challenges and rewards of the rigging industry.

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The Future of Your Company Depends Upon the Success of Your Contracts With Clients

Bruce Clark, the current CEO and Managing Director, will take over the position left vacant by Craig Garnett, and he will begin work immediately in order to strengthen and grow the firm even further. We know that the last few years have seen Australia move forwards in leaps and bounds, and this improvement has been made possible by the hard work and dedication of the entire company and their associates. Bruce will be working closely with Peter, who has already held senior roles in the company’s operations, in order to strengthen and improve the firm’s management structures. The new arrangements and managerial changes are expected to commence in the near future, and will strengthen the firm in its position as one of the world’s leading rig suppliers. The company’s main activity is the manufacture of different types of cranes using high-end composite materials.


Peter has also had a long standing association with the sailing and yachting industry and will now be working full time as a member of the Sydney rigging specialists team, in order to ensure that the entire company is moving forwards, both literally and figuratively. There are more important things in life, after all, and your company’s continued existence depends very much on your ability to make and keep friends. So, if you want to secure the best deals around, and keep your clients happy and satisfied, hire the right people, recruit them well, and give your clientele the service they deserve.

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