Stress Toys That Suffer From Ongoing Negative Effects?

Stress toys are designed as a safe, inexpensive, and effective way to reduce stress-related symptoms and to promote relaxation. A stress ball or simple hand exercise ball is an inexpensive malleable plastic toy, typically not longer than 7 centimeters in diameter, that are squeezed firmly by the hands and manipulated using the fingers, theoretically to exercise the arm or to relieve stress and muscle tensions. Stress toys can also be used as a weight bearing tool that will stimulate bone development and the building of muscle strength. The physical benefits of stress balls and other such toys are well documented and accepted by health care professionals and parents as a natural means to lower stress and anxiety, increase well-being, and enhance balance and coordination.

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Stress Toys That Suffer From Ongoing Negative Effects?

Stress toys are designed to last a long time, sometimes up to six months or more, sometimes with replacement packs of different sizes, allowing children to extend their battery power over a longer period of time. The advantage of these toys is the simple fact that they are inexpensive, easy to accessorize, and very portable. One popular choice is the Stress Ball Pop Up Keychain – a fun and effective toy that keep your fingers busy while you are waiting in line at the grocery store. This fun activity keeps your kids engaged and entertained for longer periods of time.


Squishy balls, bubbles, and lollipops are often the favorite toys of children under stress and tension. Stress toys such as the iPhone App – Stress Relief for Children makes a special noise or vibrates when pressed. Stress toys that squeeze and release to release pressure and tension include the Stress Ball and the Squishies Instant Stress Reliever. Stress toys and activities, whether through squeezing, rolling, shaking, bouncing, or other mechanisms, are a safe and effective way to reduce daily tension, alleviate and/or eliminate anxiety and depression symptoms, and enhance daily self-control and self-awareness.

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