Private limited company registration – Brand Registration Process

You can also get your private limited company registration and start your own business in Chennai and can start your own website if you want to. There are many companies that provide their customers with this facility and you can create your own brand in this city and get lots of money if you create a good brand in this city. In Chennai, India, the company registration and other related matters are regulated by a number of legislators. These include the Companies Act, Companies Code, and Companies Management Act, among others.

private limited company registration – Industrial Design Registration System in India

Under the Companies Act, all business entities are required to have their corporate seal, and a registered office at the end of the registration process. These companies are required to maintain a record of their books of accounts, books of financial statements and other financial information and also to submit their annual return to the Registrar of Companies.

Companies also have to have their registered office at Chennai, which is a separate office in the city itself. The Registrar of Companies, a board of directors appointed by the Government, is responsible for issuing company certificates and is empowered to give an order to liquidate a company. Under the Companies Code, the Registrar of Companies also appoints the officers of the corporation.

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