My thoughts on Airbnb

What are my thoughts on Airbnb? I’m glad you asked!

It’s always good when there’s a shakeup on an industry that’s stagnated, like how Uber has shaken up the terrible taxi industry. Airbnb has certainly done a lot to shake up the hotel industry, forcing them to give better services and better prices.

This is a weird time to discuss Airbnb though, as COVID-19 has decimated travel for most of 2020. But here are some stories around Airbnb vs hotels from my travels.

The worst Airbnb I ever stayed at was on the Gold Coast, a small 1 bedroom unit with no air-conditioning and a fan that hardly works. Keep in mind the Gold Coast What a terrible experience. The entire row of units was a total slum and it was kind of dirty. We would have had more choices for a good location if we didn’t accidentally book our trip for a few days before the Commonwealth Games starting though, so perhaps we should have researched better before planning a trip!

Most other Airbnb trips were quite unmemorable, and that’s a good thing! It’s usually just good to have somewhere to sleep and shower when you’re travelling. I do recall staying at one after bucks night and there was about 6 of us staying in this apartment in the Melbourne CBD and it only had 1 roll of toilet paper! Please stock your rooms appropriately!

An advantage of Airbnbs for the customer is that if you’re looking for a romantic getaway, there’s a lot of opportunities to choose particularly romantic Airbnbs in Australia. Places that are primarily designed to look cool and romantic, rather than your average boring home.

One thing that’s interesting as that before COVID-19, Airbnb was seen as a great opportunity to earn more than regular rentals. But it seems like 2020 was definitely a better year for conventional property investment. Are you even allowed to hire an Airbnb at the moment? Surely only if it’s quite close by. Oh here’s some info about it if you want to read more.

I’ve stayed at a lot of great hotels and resorts recently. Serviced apartments are also nice to stay if you want to cook for yourself, much like an Airbnb.

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