Distant reiki healing hands

Reiki is an ancient form of alternative health called “energy healing”. Distant reiki practitioners utilize a method called hands-on healing or palm healing, through which an invisible “universal energy” flows through the hands of the practitioner and the patient in order to promote overall or physical healing. Reiki can be performed by oneself or can be combined with traditional Western treatments like acupuncture.

Distant reiki – Is Reiki Therapy For You?

In a Reiki treatment, a trained professional will place their hands over a patient’s hands and will direct energy from the palm area of their hands directly into the body. A healer can use either light or sound-based Reiki to perform these treatments. Reiki energy does not discriminate as to race, gender, sexual orientation, or spiritual beliefs. Reiki has been practiced throughout the ages in many cultures and by people of all walks of life, even people of the highest social and economic status in the world.

When a Reiki practitioner uses Reiki energy on the hands or feet, they are attempting to balance the energies that naturally flow through the feet and hands. Reiki energy has also been found to strengthen the immune system and help to prevent the buildup of stress, anxiety, and tension in the body. It can also be used to alleviate symptoms of depression and chronic fatigue and promote overall health.

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