A Biography of Miroslav Vyboh, Honorary Consul to Bratislava

Miroslav Vyboh, Honorary Consul or Honorary Senior Consul, is a world renowned business man with a vast experience in international real estate investment and development. Besides, he is also the owner of numerous Middle Eastern properties, luxury villas and other such property properties in more than twenty countries of the world. He is a renowned industry insider, Middlecap president, and Honorary Consul for the Republic of Monaco. Aged in his early forties, he still continues to maintain a high level of involvement and is highly respected throughout the real estate investment and development industry. Most importantly, however, he is a trusted advisor and mentor, providing sound financial and ethical guidance to young as well as experienced investors. He is also the most sought after advisor for overseas real estate investments.

Miroslav Vyboh – The Honorary Consul is not an official ambassador

Miroslav Vyboh was born in Bratislava, Poland. He graduated in chemistry in 1952 from University of Medicine in Bratislava, where he gained a degree in pharmaceutical engineering. In that same year, he also gained first hand experience working in the fields of real estate and finance in New York City. It was there that he decided to pursue his dream of being a real estate tycoon and thus launched his first business in a modest office in Manhattan. During his early years in the business, Miroslav Vyboh realized that there was a lack of a central location for buying and selling property and thus he founded the first Honorary Consul, Bratislava, in 1965.

From his extensive travels, Miroslav Vyboh has established his expertise and knowledge about foreign countries, their cultures, business practices, laws, and the needs of the people living in these non-English speaking countries. Since then, he has dedicated himself to the service of local businessmen, and as such is recognized as the Honorary Consul for Bratislava (Russyshevsk), a city that is located approximately 300km from his home in New York. Although some people may still be unfamiliar with him, the growing number of business transactions being conducted through honoraz services cannot be denied. Being an Honorary Consul is not merely a title that Miroslav earned last year, but rather a way of helping out local businessmen throughout Russia and the former Soviet Union.

The World of Online Gaming

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Best Electric Scooter For Commute Use

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Best electric commuter scooter – The Advantages of Using a Scooter

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